The Thinker’s Forum with Author Oswalf Pereira

Date / Time
Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 7:00pm
Nirvana Patio Club, Nirvana Country, Sector-50, Gurgaon, National Capital Region of Delhi, India

"LAMP Trust" & "REX (Right Every Wrong) – Ideas for Action" present
The Thinkers’ Forum with Author Oswald Pereira

Theme: Book Reading & Discussion :“The Newsroom Mafia” & “Revenge Of The Naked Princess”

*(Entry By Invitation)

*(In order to receive your invite, please msg / sms / email to indicate your desire to attend, share your mobile number & address alongwith a brief on your background / profile which you may email to

“The Thinkers’ Forum” is open to thinking leaders – entrepreneurs and professionals in any industry or field, who are concerned not only about the ethical foundations of their own businesses and professional practices but also of society at large.

Dear Friend,

We are delighted with the level of high quality involvement at the group sessions we had in our sessions of 2012.

We got into some really good discussions across the table about some of the issues raised, with some excellent application to life in India today. The participants were very enthusiastic about the format and the meaningful discussions. There is a unanimous desire for organising more such sessions regularly in the future. Hence we are making space for more such discussion and dialogues among concerned citizens.

You may agree with us that we are living in exciting and eventful times of rapid change on many fronts. In India in particular, it is difficult, if not impossible, to remain immune from a feeling of having thrown off some of the fetters of the past. We can sense a new enthusiasm and opportunity for the future.

Although much of this new feeling emanates from and has been driven by the phenomenal growth of the economic sector, we can feel its presence in the social domain as well. At the same time, many outstanding and fundamental issues of values, principles, the rule of law and political & social reform, to name only a few, remain to be tackled. And many of us are deeply concerned about them.

In such an environment, one of the important tasks of a thoughtful civil society is to create and sustain as many areas as possible of informed discussion and debate. In a country of this size and talent, that space has remained surprisingly small. An inclination towards passivity, a wide latitude for compromise even if it involves the abandonment of important values, a fragile and misguided sense of nationalism which prevents us from facing things squarely, a desire to get on with one’s own existence at the expense of wider societal implications are some of the usually touted culprits. In addition, we harbour a misplaced notion of critique, viewing it in the light of a criticism rather than an essential prerequisite for growth in the fullest sense, as individuals, as society and as a nation.

We would like to facilitate such a space for dialogue. We are very pleased to invite you to “The Thinkers’ Forum” to be held in Gurgaon on Saturday the 13th of April, 2013. We have the privilege of having AUTHOR OSWALD PERIERA with us. This Forum will open up for discussion the stories and issues that the Author Oswald Pereira has thrown up through his 2 books “THE NEWSROOM MAFIA” and “REVENGE OF THE NAKED PRINCESS” and facilitate an exploration on the issues that we all debate in some form or the other and that impacts our lives in myriad ways, some direct and others rather more subtle.

“The Thinkers’ Forum” is open to thinking leaders – entrepreneurs and professionals, who are concerned not only about the ethical foundations of their own businesses and professional practices but also of society at large.

We trust this forum will represent a refreshing challenge, an opportunity to think and dialogue with others who have and express their views on ethical and philosophical matters, where a carefully selected package of readings supports the dialogue and where excellent moderation engages every participant through the time we spend together. Aubrey Aloysius will moderate the session.

We plan to have 1 session on 13th April 2013, lasting 2 hours:

• starting @ 7:00pm on Saturday 13th April 2013 concluding with dinner.

The session will include discussions in a group of upto 30 people. Please reserve your place early as there are limited seats. We would strongly urge you to stay for the concluding dinner. It is a good occasion to begin breathing again, to debrief informally, exchange addresses and relax a bit before we all head out to the outside world!

Once you confirm your attendance, you will receive further information on the venue and other details. Please do not hesitate to call me on +91-99101-43344 should you have queries prior to acceptance and certainly any thereafter as well. Lorraine and I look forward very much to welcoming you to this forum in Gurgaon.

With Best Wishes!
Aubrey Aloysius

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