National Integration Pledge

The Quami Ekta Week (National Integration Week), held from 19 to 25 November, aims at fostering the spirit of patriotism, communal harmony and national integration among citizens. This week is significant for promoting

communal harmony and to reaffirm our age old traditions and faith in the values of tolerance, co-existence and brotherhood in a multi-cultural and multi-religious society. The observation of the “Qaumi Ekta Week” also helps to highlight the inherent strength and resilience of our nation to withstand actual and potential threats to the eclectic and secular fabric of our country, and nurture a spirit of communal harmony in its widest sense.

Citizens are supposed to take the National Integration Pledge at 11 am by assembling on the premises of their office / institution. The celebrations till November 25 include hoisting of the National Flag, convening of public meetings, taking the Pledge of National Integration and holding of debates and discussions.

“I solemnly pledge to work with dedication to preserve and strengthen the freedom and integrity of the nation.”

“I further affirm that I shall never resort to violence and that I will continue to endeavour towards settlement of all differences and disputes relating to religion, language, region or other political or economic grievances by peaceful and constitutional means”

The week-long observances include National Integration Day and Communal Harmony Day (November 19), Welfare of Minorities Day (November 20), Linguistic Harmony Day(November 21), Weaker Sections Day (November 22), Cultural Unity Day (November 23), Women’s Day (November 24) and Conservation Day and Flag Day (November 25).

Quami Ekta Week is celebrated every year to promote the unity in the country of diversity (around 66 languages, 22 religions, 29 states and numerous tribes). It is celebrated to highlight the value and role of women in nation building.