Remembering Mahatma Gandhi : A Musical Memorial On Gandhi Jayanti

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Wednesday, October 02, 2013
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News / coverage of our event "REMEMBERING MAHATMA GANDHI — A MUSICAL MEMORIAL ON GANDHI JAYANTI", held on Wednesday 2nd October 2013 at Epicentre, Gurgaon, National Capital Region of Delhi, aired on DOORDARSHAN’s International Television Channel – DD INDIA – watched in over 146 countries, at:

  • 11:30am IST Sunday 27th October 2013
  • 7:00pm IST Sunday 27th October 2013
  • 2:30am IST Monday 28th October 2013




  • Shri Aubrey Aloysius, Founder Trustee & President of LAMP Trust, Managing Director of Lorraine Music Academy, Chairman of the National Patriotic Project
  • Smt. Lorraine Fiona Aloysius, Trustee of LAMP Trust, Creative Director of Lorraine Music Academy


  • Shri Kartikay Saini, Chairman, Scottish High International School
  • Shri Ashish Gulati, Vice-Chairman, Blue Bells Public School
  • Smt. Bakhtawar Saini, Director – Operations, Scottish High International School
  • Smt. Sudha Goyal, Director – School, Scottish High International School
  • Smt. Punam Kashyap, Director, Gems Education
  • Smt. Lalita Trehan, Founder, American Public School
  • Dr. Nidhi Trehan, Vice Chairman, American Public School
  • Smt. Neeta Bali, Principal, G. D. Goenka World School
  • Shri Lon W. McDaniel, Principal, Amity Global School

The musical memorial included performances of Gandhiji’s favourite hymns and prayers performed by children and youth – members of our next generation, and citizens of India. It also included patriotic and folk songs / dances depicting India’s cultural ethos of "Unity in Diversity". The audience was enthralled by the patriotic songs and dances depicting Gandhiji’s principles, beliefs, & life teachings, which were performed by students of Lorraine Music Academy, Scottish High International School and Blue Bells Group of Schools. The event also had the audience singing our National Anthem with precision, pride and passion.

The National Patriotic Project "Come India Sing Jana Gana Mana" is a clarion call to 1.27 Billion Indians to stand together for one cause — the Unity of India, by singing one song — our National Anthem, in the correct code as laid out in the Constitution of India.

The "Come India Sing" Nation-wide Audition and Talent Hunt is open to all. This includes a slogan contest for every Indian citizen to express what the National Anthem means to them. The contest also encourages the practising and the singing of "Jana Gana Mana", and a Patriotic Song. Other songs — patriotic songs, festive songs, folk songs, pop songs, christmas carols, etc — can follow as well.

Participation can be as an Individual, as a Family or as a Group of friends, classmates, a school, a college, office colleagues…. All one has to do is record on video one’s family or group or oneself singing the song, upload the video to YouTube, complete the registration form on our website, and be a part of the nation-building project. Age is no bar. This audition and contest is open to all ages.

Select participants and winners of the above project will get opportunities to perform on stage before audiences at various venues in the National Capital Region of Delhi and across the country. Winners of the "Come India Sing" Nation-wide Talent Audition will earn the privilege of being invited to sing the National Anthem alongside the nation’s leaders and to receive their award. Individuals and groups whose performance stand out will also be invited to attend or to perform at an enormous annual cultural program depicting India’s cultural ethos of "Unity in Diversity", in a large venue in the National Capital Region of Delhi. Thousands of the nation’s youth will together in one voice celebrate our great nation by singing "Jana Gana Mana". This event will be broadcast nationally and internationally, giving participants exposure on a grand scale that will, at the very least, leave them with memories that will last for a lifetime and, at the very most, be the key element in inspiring them realize their greater dreams.

Aubrey Aloysius, founder of the Lorraine Music Academy and the LAMP Trust, and Chairman of the National Patriotic Project, says "Music helps the creative process and sparks the imagination and ideas. When this musical imagination and experience of singing our National Anthem is ignited in a group circumstance, we have the most extraordinary power to change young lives for positive living and nation-building."

So spread the word, and join in singing our National Anthem.

To participate, one can log on to the following website: or email: or sms 9910143344.

We acknowledge Sports Authority of India (Venue Partner), (Knowledge Partner), (Citizen Action Partner).