Students to sing, dance this Easter in Sector 44

Date / Time
Saturday, April 19, 2014
Press Name
Hindustan Times, Gurgaon
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Students to sing, dance this Easter in Sector 44
–    An article in Hindustan Times, Gurgaon, 19April2014

Get ready to enjoy, An Easter Tale, a concert that will witness professional musicians and students performing for Easter. These will be done through songs, instrumental music and dance performances by Lorraine Fiona Aloysius wither faculty team and students.

The performance, scheduled on Saturday at Apparel House, Sector 44, is in aid of LAMP Trust and the National Patriotic Project ‘Come India Sing’.

The story and significance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday will be told through a dialogue between a mother and daughter set in the modern day. Scenes from Christ’s life will be enacted, including Christ healing people and the ‘Last Supper’.