Gurgaon prepares for Easter with children programme “an Easter tale”

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Friday, April 18, 2014
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Gurgaon prepares for Easter with children programme ‘an Easter tale”
–    An article in, 18April2014 (Harinder Malhotra)

Good Friday is almost over and Easter is on its way. Gurgaon is gearing up for the celebration in its own way. Epicentre, the home to cultural Gurgaon is about to host a special evening on Saturday for its children.

The Lorraine Music Academy will be putting up a Musical titled “An Easter Tale”. The Concert will witness professional musicians and students express their celebration of Easter joy through song, instrumental music, skit, and dance performance. Lorraine Fiona Aloysius along with her faculty team and students will entertain the audience with songs, instrumental music and dances.

The story and significance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday will be told through an interesting dialogue between mother and daughter set in the modern day city of the National Capital Region of Delhi. Through a story telling format, scenes from Jesus’ life from over 2,000 years ago will be enacted and sung. These will include Jesus healing people, Jesus washing his disciples’ feet, Jesus with his disciples at the “Last Supper”, Jesus healing the blind man, and forgiving the adulterous woman, among many beautifully depicted scenes. Scenes from Jesus’ life will also be depicted through a Bharatnatyam dance format.

Old and modern Easter favourites, including “The Old Rugged Cross”, “There’s Something That’s Different About Him”, “Mary Did You Know”, “My Redeemer Lives”, and many more will be sung. This play will see Jesus, the Pharisees, and some of his disciples like Peter and Judas singing. The LAMPstand Rock Band will back the singers. “An Easter Tale” is directed by the multi-talented Tina Samuel, a young Automobile Engineer from the National Capital.

The evening will also recognise and award students who had appeared for International Examinations and excelled in the pursuit of music as called for by the Constitution of India in Article 51A(j). Children & the youth of the nation will be encouraged to follow their examples and fulfil their fundamental duties as citizens of India as per Article 51A.