Music concert for Nepal

Date / Time
Saturday, May 09, 2015
Press Name
Article in The Hindu , Delhi NCR
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A musical initiative titled “Come India Sing For Disaster Relief”, to raise awareness, sensitivity, resilience, resources and support for the national disaster management and relief work will be organised by Lorraine Music Academy and a group of children who call themselves “Pure Hearts”.

The concert will take place on Sunday morning to raise funds for relief work in Nepal.

The line-up of songs include “God Will Make A Way”, “This Love”, “Yellow”, “Aint No Sunshine” that will be sung by 13-year old Ananya Ravi. Ten-year old Kiyoshi Yakeem and 12-year old Tanushi Yakeem will play “The Trout Quintet” by Schubert on the piano, while 12-year old Akhil Sahni will play the popular classic “Fur Elise” by Beethoven. Ten-year old Aditi Iyer will sing pop songs “Skyfall” and “I AM Alive”. The event will begin at 11:30 a.m. at Epicentre Auditorium, Apparel House, Sector-44, Gurgaon on May 10.