Date / Time
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
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Article in The Times of India, Gurgaon Times – NCR of Delhi
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IN THE SPIRIT OF R-DAY: Gurgaonwallahs celebrated this Republic Day with music and dance from across India, when students from various schools performed at Epicentre.

Organised by the Lorraine Music Academy and LAMP Trust, the evening started with their founder Aubrey Aloysius reading the Preamble and then requesting the audience to take a pledge to respect our national anthem, as well as to respect women, to aim for a cleaner India and to strive for excellence. This was followed by multiple colourful performances. The young kids seemed excited about the event. Nandni, a student of Manav Rachna International School, told us, “I don’t know the exact history behind the Republic Day, but I am very happy with our performance. I also know that Barack Obama is here.”

UNDER 52 SECONDS: The programme also shared some gyaan about the Indian National Anthem, Jana Gana Mana. Apparently, it has been mentioned in the Constitution that the anthem needs to be sung in exactly 52 seconds. Aubrey told us, “We have launched a campaign to promote the correct singing of Jana Gana Mana. My school taught me how to sing the National Anthem as described by the constitution. Today, if you search on Youtube, a large number of Jana Gana Mana videos you see are not 52 seconds long.”


  • Students of CCA School (above) and Lorraine Music Academy (below)
  • Kids from Suncity School singing patriotic songs
  • Students of Euro International School do their version of the bamboo dance
  • Proud parents recorded the performances