Gurgaon to celebrate Christmas with carolling and singing (Radha Singhania)

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014
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Article in – Gurgaon, NCR of Delhi
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Jesus was born in adverse & austere circumstances. Angels came down from heaven to sing to the poor shepherd. Wise men from the east came with generous gifts. Christmas is celebrated across India and across the globe.

Lorraine Music Academy and LAMP Trust will host “A Musical Evening Heralding the Christmas Season” on 14th December 2014 at Epicentre Auditorium in Gurgaon. Citizens and residents of the Capital region are encouraged to come earlier to experience a refreshing and enjoyable community musical evening. 

Excited children aged 4 to 18 years and youth will sing and play over 20 Christmas Carols like Jingle Bells, Joy To The World, O Come All Ye Faithful, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, O Holy Night, When Christmas Comes To Town, White Christmas, Rocking Around The Christmas Tree, 12 Days Of Christmas, Go Tell It On The Mountains, Christmas Vacation, Deck The Halls, The Gift Goes On, The Kid In Me, Calypso Carol, among many others.

Lorraine Fiona Aloysius will sing a special Christmas Carol “Christmas Isn’t Christmas Till It Happens In Your Heart” which reminds everyone of the real meaning of Christmas – that Jesus the Saviour was born to live in our hearts. Aubrey Aloysius will sing the all time popular Christmas Carol “Silent Night” which was composed on Christmas eve in 1818 and was declared an “intangible cultural heritage” by UNESCO in March 2011.

The musical evening will include performances by children and youth – members of our next generation, and citizens of India. It will also include performances by members of the community. Also participating actively will be the expat community based in the national capital region. Participants will express themselves through song, performances on the piano, guitar, violin, drums and various instruments and speeches. They will sing carols and play popular Christmas music. The event is organised to share the cheer and wholehearted spirit of giving and sharing generously that the Christmas season brings with it.

This concert is in aid of raising awareness, support and resources for the “Come India Sing” series of Nation Building initiatives utilising music as a tool. This series of initiatives, events & participative activities forms a part of the ongoing National Patriotic Project “Come India Sing Jana Gana Mana” that was launched on 15th August 2013, our Independence Day.