An exchange of Sound

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011
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Times of India, Goa
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Aubrey Aloysius plans to promote Goan musicians to the rest of India

COMING TOGETHER: Fali Pavri, Lorraine Fiona Aloysius and Naomi Boole-Masterson


After one of the Bangalore Chamber Orchestra, now Delhi is looking for an exchange with Goan musicians. Aubrey Aloysius, founding director of this music academy, hopes to identify talent and promote young artistes who are interested  in performing and pursuing music as a career. He says, “I have a strong desire to connect with the state. Besides bringing world class musicians here, I want to take fresh talent from here to the national and international stage. I want Goa to be part of my itinerary.”

Aubrey feels that music is a universal language that can cut across all barriers. Wanting to introduce Indian audiences to world music, he, in association with a cultural centre in Campal, brings Scottish musicians Fali Pavri (Piano), Naomi Boole-Masterson (Cello) together with Lorraine Fiona Aloysius (Piano) in concert, today. “I believe that in today’s global village, music offers a helping hand in understanding global cultures. It is our responsibility to reach out to our youngsters in that regard.” The last concert the academy organized was held in Gurgaon, featuring an Israeli musician.

Aubrey defines world music as any form of music existing in any part of the globe. “India has a rich repository of sound that, in turn, contributes to the whole. Understanding and appreciation of music requires a deeper study and this has to start when one is young. Sadly, music is not a part of the mainstream curriculum but is taken up as an extra-curricular activity. We are encouraging schools to include it as part of the main school work. It may take time – many years perhaps, but we will get there,” he signs off.