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Monday, January 27, 2014
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An Article in MeriNews.com
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Lorraine Music Academy Celebrated Republic Day With Soulful Performances
– An Article in MeriNews.com : Monday 27th January 2014 (Bani Thakur)

Apparel House, Gurgaon on the 25th of January witnessed the celebration of Republic Day by Lorraine Music Academy. The event was a feast for the eyes, ears, heart and soul. Students aged between 5 to 17 years treated the audience to a beautiful and soulful display of dance, instrumental music and songs – depicting and celebrating the heritage of India. The event witnessed over a hundred little performers consisting of children and youth celebrating the eve of our 65th Republic Day.

A young girl of 8 years, Neeve Walia played the lead keyboard in the band that rendered the National Anthem with precision, pride and passion. Solo recitals of patriotic songs like “Hum Honge Kaamyaab”, “Aa Chalke Tujhe”, “Happiness”, “You Are The Voice”, “I Believe In Music” and a Patriotic Qawwali, among many others, were sung by children with great spirit and perfection. Piano performances by children of all ages from Lorraine Music Academy was lovely. The Lorraine Music Academy Youth Band performed “Cry For Freedom”, “Vande Mataram”.

Students of Scottish High International School performed a choral singing of “Jashn E Aazadi”. Students from Pathways World School performed a choral singing of “Hum Pyar Ki Shamma Jalayeh”. Amosh Agarwal from Pathways World School rendered beautifully the patriotic song originally sung by Lata Mangeshkar in 1963 “Aai Mere Watan Ke Logo”. Sehwag International School, Blue Bells Model School and American Public School did spectacular dance performances set to patriotic and folk music involving many number of children.

A Haryanvi Folk Singer, Sagar Dharmendra sang in Haryanvi an original patriotic composition “Bharat Ke Vishe Deta Mai Tumhe Re Badhai” set in the midst of 1999 India – Pakistan Kargil War. The grand finale was a group song “I Believe In Music,” sung by children of Lorraine Music Academy, after which they received awards for striving for excellence in music, thus fulfilling one of the fundamental duties as a Citizen of India as laid out in Article 51A(j) of the Constitution of India.

The Musical evening in honour of India included a brief workshop by Aubrey Aloysius to educate and encourage the audience to abide by the Constitution of India and respect its ideals and institutions, the National Flag and the National Anthem. This included an explanation and training on the proper singing the National Anthem as per the code laid in the Constitution – in the right rhythm, melody and timing – in 52 seconds. The event had the audience singing the National Anthem with pride, passion, and precision – fulfilling their fundamental duties as citizens of India as per Article 51A of the Constitution of India.

This event is a part of the ongoing National Patriotic ProjectCome India Sing Jana Gana Mana,” which was launched on 15th August 2013, India’s Independence Day. The National Patriotic Project “Come India Sing Jana Gana Mana” is a clarion call to 1.27 billion Indians to stand together for one cause – the Unity of India, by singing one song – our National Anthem, in the correct code as laid out in the Constitution of India.